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Holland & Holland Royal Brevis 16 bore Matched Pair

A very nice matched pair of Holland & Holland Royal Brevis, 16 bore with 26,5″ barrels. Very light and very well balanced guns. Hand detachable sidelocks, Self-opener, Double trigger, Ejector.

Price: DKK 225.000,- / EUR 30.250,-

Gun no 1. Built in 1936

Barrel: 26,5″ Choke: Imp. Cyl – 1/4

Gun no. 2 Built in 1964 (To match gun no.1)

Barrel: 26,5″Choke: 1/1 – 3/4

Barrel wall thickness 22/1000 & 25/1000

Stock lenght to pull: 375 mm. (to front trigger)
Stock: Right hand straight stock.

Cast Off; 4mm
DAC; 34mm
DAH; 46mm
Pitch 85°

Year of construction: 1936 + 1964.

Condition:  Very Good, very thight action and beautiful oil polish.
Additional: Comes in canvas covered “leather and oak” original Holland and Holland case.

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