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Game and Gun offers handmade stocks for all hunting and sporting guns and rifles. Our highly skilled stockers have more than 35 years of experience in making stocks for guns as Holland & Holland, Boss, Purdey etc. and for modern sporting guns eg. Perazzi, Browning, Beretta, Zoli, Rizzini etc.

Besides making new made-to-measure stocks and forends, we also offer;

Refurbishing, refinishing and checkering.

Fitting, extending, shortening, oil-bending etc. Leather covered recoilpads, rubberpads, adjustable combs.

Repairs of broken or cracked stocks.

The process of making a new stock;
The stock measurements are determined by your personal measurements combined with how you handle a gun. A genuine made to measure stock, can not be made from theoretical measurements, it is made from very carefully oberserving the shooter and years and years of expertise in fitting guns to different styles of shooting and types of hunting.

From our inventory you select amongst the +200 pieces of wood (blank) untill you find “your piece of wood”. We keep blanks in our inventory in grade spanning from Grade 3 to Exhibition grade.

We produce the type of stock from your demands eg. pistolgrip, semi-pistolgrip, straight etc. You will also decide details as checkering, woodbutt or recoilpad and finish.

You will be able to follow the process of the work closely all along and will see and feel the work for your self at the “mid-way” fittings.
We look forward to making your personal stock.

“Impossible is not a fact. Its an opinion” [Muhammad Ali]

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