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One of the Worlds leading Gun Auction houses

Game & Gun are representatives for Holts Auctioneers in Denmark. 

We assist in all aspects regarding valuation, buying, selling and transport to and from Holts Auctioneers.      

Between the four annual main auctions which are in March, June,September and December, we are hosting “free valuation days” in different locations in Denmark.

Normally we are present at Holts for the four annual auctions in England and will therefor be able to assist with hands-on services as condition report on guns and placing bids.

Vi er hvis muligt, også fysisk til stede ved auktionerne og vil således kunne kigge nærmere på lot nr af særlig interesse inden der afgives bud ligesom vi vil kunne byde for dig på selve auktionen.


Buyers: 25% up to and including £100,000 20% in excess of the hammer price above £100,000 VAT is payable on the premium at the applicable rate. Under each Lot entry in the online catalogue, there is a buyers premium calculator. 

UK VAT is not appliable for Buyers premium for export. 

Sellers: 20% and VAT is payable on the premium at the applicable rate.

Buying at Holts after BREXIT

BREXIT has made business between the EU and the UK a bit more complicated, but there is still good business to be done. We have made the regulations more simpel to navigate in here;

As general there are no changes for a EU client in selling at Holts.

Here is the technical explanation to what BREXIT means when buying at Holts. We kindly ask you to look for the little “EU-flag” on lots at auction – lots marked with EU flag are not VAT or customs applicable when entering the EU.

Here is why: 

Customs – The UK and the EU has made a customs agreement

All items imported from the UK but not made in the UK, will be added a customs fee on 3,86% of the ammount. The fee will be VAT applicable. 

However no customs will be added if the item is produced in the UK.


As general; all goods entering the EU will be added VAT, however if the item has been exported from the EU within three years – the rule of “Re-Import of EU goods” applies.

This means, if a gun listed for auction at Holts comes from eg. a French seller, then the gun can be re-imported to the EU free of VAT. (Proof of EU origin is required)

If the guns is listed from a UK seller, VAT will be apllied.

25% VAT is aplicable on items less than 100 years old and 5% if the item is 100 years and above.

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