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Game & Gun offers gunsmith work at top level. Our gunsmith is highly experienced in all aspects of repairs, fitting and adjusting on guns and rifles. We specialize in sidelock guns and producing special parts for fine and vintage guns eg Holland & Holland, Purdey, Dickson, Boss etc.

At Game & Gun, our work and pricing is transparant. We always consult with the client before starting a new project and our quotes are always firm. We never compromise with the quality of our work, and we sped the time necessary to make things right, the first time.

All projects are welcome with us, none to simple and none to complex.

Examples on traditional gunsmith work

Bluing – Cold and hot

Mechanical parts – Springs, Pins, Extractors, Thumblers, Levers

Slop – Mainbolt, Action

Soldering – Barrels and ribs

Troubleshooting – Of causes to faults

Mounting – Of Scopes, Mounts and Silencers

Fitting / Trimming – Of trigger units, Barrels, Mechanical parts

We look forward to helping you in our workshop

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