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Your gun needs to fit you...

Its the first and maybe also the most important premise to become an excellent shooter. That applies both with shotguns and rifles, but in particular with shotguns.

With shotguns we are shooting at moving targets and with shotguns we are pointing and not aiming as we do with rifles. This means that the eye needs to look at the exact same direction as the barrels are pointing, when mounting/shouldering the gun, because we dont have time to take aim before we shoot.

Is it really that important to have the gun fitted?

There is only one answer to that question and thats; Yes! A good parallel is to ask yourself; Whats the first thing you do when you enter a new car? You position the seat and mirrors – Because the positioning in 9/10 cases dosent fit you. Its exactly the same thing with a gun.

Stocks are made from a set of standard measurements matching a male shooter. But since we are all very different in height, weight, and proportions (even more if you are a female shooter reading this, since 99% of all guns are made to fit the male shooter) there are no “one-fits-all” stock.

Game & Gun offer fitting your gun to your personal measurements and your style of shooting.

We make stocks to the most demanding hunters and shooters in Compak Sporting, Trap, Skeet and we have through the years made stocks to several elite shooters in Denmark. Vi cooporate with top gun brands eg. Rizzini, Perazzi and Zoli in Denmark and assist with both stockmaking and gun fitting.

To many Hunters shoots with guns that haven´t been fitted to their measurements or shooting style

On a daily basis, we help hunters and sportshooters with gun fitting and becoming “one” with the gun. A fitted gun eliminates many of the shots we miss and also many of the poor shots we make from time to time. Having you gun fitted, you will experience much greater satisfaction and confidence in shooting.

Book a gun fitting with us (alone or as a group) and experience another level of satisfaction in shooting.

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