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Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal

Kahles Helia TI25 Thermal

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A brand new innovation from Kahles, the Helia TI thermal imagers (25/35mm) boast a combination of cutting edge thermal technology and key features relevant to a successful hunt. The Helia TI 25 offers very intuitive, easy handling (when minimalistic operation is essential so you can focus on other elements) together with brilliant optical performance.

There are only 2 buttons on the Helia TI thermal devices and no photo or video functions to worry about – only very simple operation of a sophisticated product. This allows the user to concentrate on the essentials.

The Helia TI 25 gives fast detection with a very large field of view of 26 m/100 m.This allows rapid detection of game or heat sources. Ideal for searching large areas and forming an overview. It also has 3 colour palettes to choose from (White, Black, Red) and a zoom range of 1x,2x & 4x. The battery lasts up to 8 hours.

NETD <35


– Radically simple and intuitive – with only 2 control buttons
– Excellent imaging performance with high detail resolution
– Ready to work in just 2 seconds
– Intelligent automatic display switch-on/-off with tilt and motion sensor
– Drop-proof, waterproof and ready for use in extreme temperatures
– Extra-long battery life – even at -20° Celsius
– Ergonomic, roll-proof design and perfectly placed controls

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